Layaway Scheme

The Layaway Scheme allows you to buy any item by installments. By placing a small deposit against the item, you can start a layaway plan. There is NO MINIMUM PAYMENT to be made! All we ask from you is that you make a payment every 14 days, however small that payment may be. When the item is paid for in full, you can take the item home with you. It's as simple as that!

We offer Layaway on all items we hold in stock, including Airguns, Fireworks (seasonal), Electronics, tools etc.


Why Layaway will work for you:

  • You can spread the cost of the item spread over a set period of time, making less of a hole in your pocket and easy to budget for.
  • Layaway payments do not include interest so you will not pay more than the actual selling price of the item you want to purchase.
  • Expensive and luxury items are no longer out of your reach!
  • Get yourself that Christmas bargain - You can set aside Christmas gifts, or any other major purchases, without worrying that they will be out-of-stock before you have the money to buy them.
  • You can keep holiday presents stored in layaway, let us hold them for you meaning you do not have to find room in your home or hide them from snooping kids or partners.
  • If you default on a payment for an item being held for you as 'layaway', it will not affect your credit score, unlike other things you have to pay for such as phone contracts etc.

Terms & Conditions Specific to the Layaway Scheme:

  • We will hold your Layaway items, for a total period of three months from the first payment made.
  • A deposit payment is required before we start a layaway plan.
  • We require a payment every fourteen days, however small
  • Late or no payment, will result in the layaway being cancelled and payments up to that date lost.
  • Layaway Payments are non-refundable, however, they can be transferred to another item. Transferring a Layaway Scheme will incure a charge of 35% restocking fee).
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